Security Solutions For The Boundaryless Enterprise

Security & Vulnerability Assessment Services

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

Our approach to SIEM is to start with the business drivers and shape monitoring around protection of the key business processes as a priority. We go to the heart of why you are bringing in the data and the relevance to the overall goal of protecting the business.


VSS (Vulnerability Scanning Service)

The Vulnerability Scanning Service provides a solution and remediation focused approach to provide key metrics required to make a successful vulnerability management program for the organisation.


DLD (Data Loss Detection)

This service takes a different approach to data loss, where historically data loss has been focused on classification of data with blocking of this data impacting productivity with leads to a turning down the protective elements.

Vulnerability Remediation Services

At Twinned Technologies we understand the myriad of options that technology vendors provide, and we assess the various options to ensure a right fit for our recommendations that are cost effective and sensible pragmatic solutions.

As our customer, your need for a solution should not have to involve the most expensive options or options that are dictated by choices made based on the secondary report. Enough evidence exists about the extent of enterprise losses despite all the expensive solution options.

Our team brings a tool agnostic view of the solution that is right for you, and help you realise the value.

Security Consulting Augmentation Services

Several security initiatives are failing due to ever growing paucity of good security consultants. At Twinned Technologies we complement & complete your security consulting requirements. Our team bring a collective experience spanning over two decades of Cyber security expertise.

We are not a resource augmentation partner but a partner in ensuring successful delivery of your strategic security initiatives.